Thatch and Let Property

thatched property


Throughout our Company history we have been involved with thatch accounts, mostly through the Lloyds Market, and consequently our adjusters have many decades of dealing with thatch properties with all of the problems that they incorporate. We are aware that immediate attendance for fire claims is required from which point we have to assist, console and manage the policyholders who are often distraught having watched powerlessly as their home and pride and joy slowly burn in front of them. Prompt temporary measures are required to make the house safe and store salvaged contents as well as helping the insured to find alternative accommodation which can be needed for a lengthy period as often these properties are listed, and we are used to working with local authorities on such matters.

Over the years we identified a number of issues concerning these particular houses including the installation of log burners, under insurance, limited contractor access, delays that can occur with listed buildings due to local authority conservation involvement causing increases in the costs of scaffolding/top hat and alternative accommodation.

We have excellent knowledge of thatch claims and have handled substantial claims over the years for many Insurers.

Let Property

We appreciate that many parties can be involved during the lifecycle of a claim, including the landlord, the tenant and the managing agent and we have created bespoke reports and templates for this type of claim reducing the confusion and making the process easier and quicker for all.

thatched property
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